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The Left in Scotland, England and Wales

Scottish Socialist Party
Scottish Socialist Party News
Scottish Socialist Voice
Respect - The Unity Coalition
Socialist Alliance
Socialist Resistance
Marxsite - Marxist Documents and Information Page
Socialist Unity Network
Socialist Solidarity Network
International Socialist Group (USFI)
Edinburgh Mayday Committee
Edinburgh People's Festival
Socialist Workers Party
Socialist Party

European Left

Portugese Left Bloc
Partito della Rifondazione Comunista (Italy)
LCR - Rouge (France - USFI)
Red Green Alliance - Denmark
SolidaritéS - Switzerland
Espacio Alternativo - Spain
Red Electoral Alliance - Norway
Left Green Movement - Iceland
Revolutionär-Sozialistischer Bund/IV. Internationale (German USFI)
Tribuna Socialista (Portugal)
Freedom and Solidarity Party (ÖdP) - Turkey
Socialist Party - Netherlands
The Left - Luxembourg
Stand Up (Zutik) - Basque Country
Synaspismos - Greece

International Groups

Labour Party Pakistan
Green Left Weekly (Australia- DSP)
International Viewpoint (USFI)
Movimiento Socialista de los Trabajadores (Argentina)
New York Socialist Project
Socialist Viewpoint (USA)
Labor's Militant Voice (USA)
Solidarity (USA)
New Socialist (Canada)
Union des Forces Progressistes (Quebec)


Marxism Made Simple
Marxists Internet Archive
Hegel by HyperText Home Page


IndyMedia - reports on anti-capitalism movement
Show Racism the Red Card
Scottish CND
Jay's Leftist Internet Resources Directory
Leftist Parties of the World
Kurdistan Observer
Left Directory UK
Word Power - Radical Books Online
Socialism Directory