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Editorial As the European elections approach we look at the issues facing the SSP.

Secularism and the Left Graham Campbell examines the controversy around the banning of the hijab in France and Catholic schools in Scotland.

Sexual Exploitation - A Socialist Dilemma SSP co-chair and Socialist Womens' Network activist Catriona Grant asks whether it is time for tolerance of prostitution.

European Social Forum - A New Generation Enters the Struggle Eamonn Coyle of Scottish Socialist Youth on the Paris ESF of November 2003

Ireland's Bin Tax Rebellion Colm Breathnach is a member of the Irish Socialist Network and Finglas Anti Bin Tax Campaign. He spent two weeks in prison in October 2003, along with eight other activists from the Finglas campaign, for refusing to give a commitment that they would not engage in further blockades of bin trucks. In this article he looks at this struggle and examines where the Irish left goes from here.

Corsica - A National Question? Daniel Desmé* shows how Corsican national identity has survived two centuries of rule from Paris and asserts the Corsican people’s right to self-determination.

Brazil's New Party We reprint the initial platform document of the movement for a new party.

Botticelli Kenny McEwan continues his series looking at the great artists and their political significance.

dot.communism Keef Thompkinson takes a look at some of the websites giving advice and information on drugs.