frontline issue 3


Frontline 3 Cover

Welcome to Frontline issue 3. In this issue we look at the aftermath of the general election, and what it means for the left. We also begin a debate on some of the key issues facing the left in Scotland.


Murray Smith looks at the aftermath of the Genoa G8 protest.

After the Election

The General Election saw a landslide for Blair, but does the record low turnout mean popular apathy? And what does the result mean for the left? Frances Curran gives her analysis.

Interview with Alan McCoombes

Alan outlines his views on the SSP, the ISM and internationalism in an interview originally done for Red Shift magazine.

Scotland, devolution and socialism

Neil Davidson and Donny Gluckstein give the view of the Socialist Workers Platform on developments in Scottish politics. We present this article as the start of a debate on these issues.

US Imperialism in the age of globalisation

Claude Serfati on the US imperialism in the age of globalisation. Originally presented in Carré Rouge, a French Marxist journal.

Erich Fromm

Harry Brown looks at the thought of Erich Fromm, the outstanding Marxist psychologist.

Flashback - Stalinism

Russian historian Alexander Podsheldolkin gives evidence from the Soviet archives on the rise of Stalinism.

Destination - Santiago

In this edition of Destination Simon Whittle describes his visit to the capital of South American state Chilé

Dot Communism

Alister Black takes his regular look at the internet, focusing in this edition on how disabled activists are using the 'net.

Through the eyes of a child.

Peter Johnstone begins a series giving a Marxist view of childhood.