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Frontline is the bi-monthly journal of the International Socialist Movement, A Marxist Platform in the Scottish Socialist Party.

Editor - Murray Smith
Layout and Production - Alister Black
Subscription and Distribution - Peter Johnstone
Contributors - Kenny McEwan, Alister Black, William Bonnar, Andrew Pollack, Virginia de la Siega, Patrick Scott Hogg, Catriona Grant, Steve Arnott, Phil Hearse
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Printed by Clydeside Press, Glasgow

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Frontline is sold in the following bookshops:
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Glasgow - Barrett's Newsagents, 263 Byres Road
London - Bookmarks, 1, Bloomsbury Street, WC1.
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Liverpool - News from Nowhere, 98 Bold Street, L1
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Argentina in Revolt
Argentinian socialist Virginia de la Siega analyses the dramatic events that are unfolding.

Gender Equality in the SSP: We present two sides of this key debate at the 2002 SSP conference.
No Panaceas, No Platitudes - Catriona Grant presents the case for change.
Why socialists should oppose the Women's Network motion - Steve Arnott opposes the proposals.

Enron and the not-so-new economy
Andrew Pollack looks at the fall of Enron. This is the full version of the article that appears in an edited form in Frontline magazine.

Brussels EU summit faces mass protests
Alister Black looks at the D13 and D14 protests and the European meeting of the anti-capitalist left.

The New Democratic Party and the Canadian Left
Ernest Tate analyses developments in the NDP and the prospects for socialist renewal in Canada.

The Radical Tradition of Robert Burns
Patrick Scott Hogg reveals the true Burns

The revolutionary mysticism of William Blake
In the second in our series of articles on art and artists, Kenny McEwan looks at the work of poet and painter William Blake (1757-1827).

Flashback: Women's Day by Alexandra Kollontai
An article on International Womens Day by bolshevik leader and pioneer of womens rights, Alexandra Kollontai.

Review - Two Hours Which Shook the World, by Fred Halliday
This book on September 11th reviewed by Phil Hearse

Our regular look at the web

Spanish Civil War
William Bonnar replies to Mike Gonzalez on this controversial topic