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Frontline is the bi-monthly journal of the International Socialist Movement, A Marxist Platform in the Scottish Socialist Party.
ISSN 1476-4773

Editor - Frances Curran
Layout and Production - Alister Black
Subscription and Distribution - Peter Johnstone
Contributors - Murray Smith, Dave Hemson, Kenny McEwan, Alister Black, Gordon Morgan, Nick Rogers, John Percy, Christophe Aguiton, Keef Tomkinson, Dave Hemson, Sarah Peart
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Glasgow - Barrett's Newsagents, 263 Byres Road
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Mobilise to stop war on Iraq

Scotland - SSP Ready to Shock the Establishment
Frances Curran on the prospects for the Scottish Socialist Party.

Palestine - One state, two states.
Following the SSP conference we re-examine what demands socialists should raise in the region.

Socialists and the Euro
The SSP will be having a special conference in June 2002 to discuss our attitude towards a referendum on a single currency. Frontline presents two arguments in this debate
Against the Europe of the Bosses by Gordon Morgan
Socialists must face up to the EU by Nick Rogers
Notes on the origins of the EU

Barcelona - 500 000 against capitalism and war
We present an analysis of this turning point for the movement against capitalist globalisation by Christophe Aguiton of attac.

Asia Pacific conference
John Percy of the Democratic Socialist Party reports on the successful conference recently held in Australia.

France - an electoral earthquake
Murray Smith reports from Paris on the Presidential elections and the struggle against Le Pen.

Zimbabwe - for democracy and socialism
Dave Hemson on Mugabe and the MDC

In our series that looks into the archives of the workers' movement, we present an interview with Ricardo Napuri who was secretary to Che Guevara

Wasilli Kandinsky
Kenny Mc Ewan continues his series on revolutionary artists.

Our regular look at the web.