Frontline cover

We present the contents to the first edition of Frontline, the new bi-monthly journal of the International Socialist Movement, a Marxist platform in the Scottish Socialist Party.

We aim to provide regular coverage and analysis of events in Scotland and internationally, as well as articles dealing with the latest developments in society and in the field of ideas.

Editorial How the International Socialist Movement and Frontline magazine see the challenges facing Marxism in the new century.

Holyrood v Westminster In New Labour’s scheme of things, devolution was supposed to block the dynamic towards Scottish independence. That isn’t quite how things have turned out. In the run up to a British general election, Alan McCombes looks at where Scottish politics are going.

Bush discovers the world It seemed too bad to be true, but George W Bush waded through the sleaze all the way to the White House. Nick McKerrell takes a look at what a Bush presidency is likely to mean for the rest of the world.

Palestine explodes After seven years of a ‘peace process’ that left the Palestinian people worse off than when it started, shockwaves are being felt throughout the Middle East. Murray Smith argues that the second Intifada has opened up a new phase in the Palestinian struggle.

Rosa Luxemburg So you thought the crisis of Marxism was a late 20th Century invention? In the first of a regular feature, Flashback, which will look back at the history of Marxism, we reprint what Rosa Luxemburg had to say on the subject back in1903.

Cuban questions Peter Taaffe’s latest book makes some very definitive judgements about the Cuban Revolution and its leadership. Murray Smith questions some of his assumptions.

No Logo Naomi Klein’s book has been compared to the Bible and Das Kapital. Duncan Rowan tries to see past the hype.

dot.communism In the first of a regular feature that will look at what’s happening on the Internet, Alister Black reviews some anti-globalisation sites.

Lennon in Havana We all know that he inspired the title of Alan McCombes and Tommy Sheridan’s new book, Imagine, but did you know that John Lennon was big in Havana?