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frontline volume 2 issue 9

Resistance to the catastrophic collapse of the economy is the theme of this issue of Frontline. From Scotland to France workers and communities are fighting back and anger against the criminal greed of the bosses is growing. We report on the new struggles and organisations springing up around the world. Plus a timely look at the state of Irish Republicanism.




The Engineering Construction Workers Strike.
Gregor Gall on the controversial strikes that hit sectors of British industry.

People Power in the Canongate.
Community activist Ally McAvoy on a community fightback in Edinburgh.

France: Crisis, Strikes and Anti-Capitalism
Virginia de la Siega is a member of the national political council and international committee of the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) in France. In this article she explains how the economic crisis has thrown up new struggles and new organisations.

Iceland in Revolt
Stuart Miller looks at one of the European countries which has been hardest hit by the economic collapse and how Icelanders are responding.

The Third Slump
Phil Hearse looks at the causes and consequences of the slump and how it will impact on politics.

With Gaza still trying to recover from the recent brutal Israeli attack Alex Miller reviews Ilan Pappe’s recent book The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.

With dissident Irish Republicans returning to the gun Ed Walsh from the Irish Socialist Network reviews a new book on Irish Republicanism since the Good Friday agreement.

Radical Song
Bill Scott talks about the story behind Dick Gaughan’s song ‘Thomas Muir of Huntershill’.