frontline vol. 2 issue 4.


The May elections were a wipe-out for the left in Scotland. In this issue we take a hard look at the consequences of the election with two articles putting differing points of view. We also examine what the new SNP government will mean for Scottish politics and society. We also take a look at the elections in France and Ireland and the crisis in Darfur.

frontline june 2007

Celtic Tigers? The SNP in government.
Nick McKerrell looks at the prospects for Scottish society and politics as the Scottish National Party take power for the first time in the Scottish Parliament.

After the Elections: Where Do We Go From Here?
The first of our special articles looking at the challenges facing the SSP following the Scottish elections sees Gregor Gall call for radical measures to rebuild a united left in Scotland.

After the Elections: Why the SSP is a party worth fighting for.
In the second of our special articles Scottish Socialist Party National Secretary Pam Currie responds to Gregor Gall and gives us her own vision of the future for socialism in Scotland.

Cameron Family Values
Catriona Grant on the Tories proposals on the family, and why socialists need to think more deeply on the question of children and the family.

Women and Globalisation
Eva Olaer is an activist who works with Philippine immigrant workers. In this article she looks at the impact of exporting domestic labour from the Philippines.

The French Elections
Murray Smith reports on the victory of the Right in France’s elections and what it will mean for French society and the French left.

The Crisis in Darfur and Chad
Bill Bonnar lived and worked in Darfur for almost three years up to 1989 and was a member of the Sudanese Communist Party which was then going through one of its brief periods of legality. He left the country following the military coup in 1989 when the Communist Party was banned.

Ireland: Right dominates ‘Dolly Mixture’ Election.
Gerry Corbett on Ireland’s General Election.

Songs of Struggle.
Bill Scott continues our series on radical song with a look at ‘Great White Sheep’ by Gordon Menzies.