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Frontline July 2009 coverRejection of establishment politicians has swept Europe. In this issue of Frontline we look at the European elections and the perspectives for struggles by the trades unions. We also begin to forge policy for housing and the financial sector for a post-slump world. Plus a look at the struggles of gypsy travellers and more.


European Elections
Kevin Leetion looks at how Europe voted and what it means

The Illusion of the Green New Deal
Liam Young on the claims of Green capitalism and some real solutions already working around the globe.

Economic Crisis hits Financial Workers
Linda Somerville gives the view of those fighting to save jobs of ordinary workers in the finance sector.

Can Social Housing offer a solution?
After the devastation wrought by those who sought to create a ‘property owning democracy’ could Social Housing have a bigger future? Joe Crawford investigates.

Union Resistance to the Recession
Why are the unions not fighting back on a wider scale? Gregor Gall analyses their response to the economic crisis.

Iranian Workers Join the Struggle
A report on the part played by the organised working class in Iran’s democratic struggle.

Honduras - Washington’s Role in the Coup.

Book Review - Socialist Economics

Eyewitness to Cuba
Bill Bonnar reports on the recent SSP delegation to Cuba.

Scottish Gypsy Travellers, Human Rights and Socialism
Colin Turbett on the continuing struggle for human rights by Scottish Gypsy Travellers.

The Traveller Legacy in Scottish Song.
A look at traveller influence in Scottish song by Bill Scott.