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Frontline January 2010 cover

The new decade promises to bring change. The Westminster election could signal attacks on the public sector and a renewal of the national question in Scotland. In this issue of Frontline we look at the onslaught of reaction from fascism to the Copenhagen sellout and how the movement in the streets is responding. Plus Ireland’s Lisbon vote, Afghanistan and much more.

Editorial SNP Independence Strategy Failing


Who are the EDL?
Andy Bowden of Scottish Socialist Youth on the origins of the fascist English Defence League, and how to fight them.

Bill Bonnar on the bloody legacy of imperialism.

Copenhagen — World Leaders Fail the Planet
Liam Young on the aftermath of the Cop15 summit.

ALBA declaration on Copenhagen Summit

Pirates’ Manifesto
A look at the issues surrounding file sharing on the internet.

An interview with a participant in the struggle against the coup in Honduras.

Ireland Votes on the Lisbon Treaty
Ed Walsh reports on the background to the Irish vote accepting the EU Lisbon Treaty.

Death of Marek Edelman
Colin Turbett on the passing of the veteran of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Book Review
Finding Engels reviewed by Alex Miller.

Radical Song
Bill Scott looks at Hamish Henderson’s classic Freedom Come All Ye.