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Frontline Volume 2

Volume 2 Issue 17

frontline 17 march 201214 points to consider for the 2014 referendum - George Mackin

For a Socially Just Scotland - Gregor Gall

Whither Scottish Labour? - Vince Mills

Resistance is Fertile - the Coalition of Resistance in Glasgow - Mhairi Macalpine

The French presidential elections, anticapitalism and class struggle in France - John Mullen

Greece – the mirror of Europe’s future? - Murray Smith

Take No Heroes - Reviews of two books on Tommy Sheridan - Joanne Telfer

Review - 'Why it's Kicking off Everywhere' by Paul Mason

Street Life - cartoon

Muhammed Ali - Black Activist and 60's Icon - Bill Scott


Volume 2 Issue 16

frontline 16 2011Editorial

After the N30 strikes.

The Future of the Scottish Left

Stuart Fairweather on the Scottish Left, where it is and where it needs to be.

Towards a Holarchy of Resistance

Mhairi McAlpine on uniting strands of struggle.

On Anarchism

As Anarchist ideas become increasingly popular Eddie Cornock takes a detailed look at the ideology.

China's Long March to Where ?

Bill Bonnar on the nature of the superpower

Street Life

Cartoon from Janne Karlsson

The Seven Men of Knoydart

Hamish Henderson wrote this song which still resonates in modern Scotland, Bill Scott looks at the folk classic

Volume 2 Issue 15

frontline 15Editorial - The Summer of Rage

The 2011 Scottish Parliamentary Results- Are we on the Verge of Independence? Kevin Leetion looks at perspectives for Scottish Politics following the May election victory for the SNP.

The End of the Union? Gregor Gall on the opportunities and problems facing the SNP government

The Eurozone Debt Crisis Ralph Blake on the crisis that is threatening a new 'lehman-style' collapse in the economy

Industrial Democracy Eddie Cornock on different examples of workers control and how we can utilise them

Libya and the collapse of the Gaddafi regime Bill Bonnar on how the left should view the overthrow of Gadaffi.

William Tell Bill Scott on Rossini's revolutionary classic



Volume 2 Issue 14frontline 14 cover

Scotland’s cuts election

Students fight back
Liam Turbett on the new wave of student struggle

Learning Curve - fighting the cuts in Further Education
Mairi NicLeoid looks at the attacks on FE

Revolution in the Arab world
Bill Bonnar on the wildfire of revolution sweeping the Arab world

The European Workers Movement - Dangers and Challenges
Murray Smith on the struggle across Europe

Wisconsin and the Fight for Trade Union Rights
Kevin Leetion examines the attacks on workers rights in the United States.

Fukushima - Nuclear Means Catastrophe
Daniel Tanuro on the disaster in Japan

International Womens Day
Anthea Irwin with an updated look at the history of International Womens Day and what it means today.

Review: From Boom to Bust

The Battle of Algiers
A look at the classic film by Bill Scott

The Ballad of Thomas Muir
Thomas Muir/John Broomhall

Volume 2 Issue 13

frontline 13

Editorial Blood and Circuses

Time to unite and fight on key issues facing working people
Colin Fox looks at the political landscape in Scotland

Ireland: The absolute failure of austerity
Donagh Brennan of Irish Left Review on the economic crisis in the Republic

What future for a united left in scotland?
Gregor Gall on the prospects for socialist unity in the wake of recent legal soap operas

In defence of nature
Hugo Blanco, Peruvian revolutionary, on the social and ecological struggles of indigenous peoples in Latin America.

French lessons on fighting austerity
Murray Smith on the new wave of struggle in France

Click here for an updated article on France.

Made in Dagenham but still a work in progress
Anthea Irwin on the equal pay act 40 years on.

Remembering Jimmy Reid
Chik Collins on the life of the Clydesider

Edwin Morgan - People’s Makar
A look back at the life of Edwin Morgan by Mary Macgregor

The Ballad of Joe Hill
Bill Scott on the story behind the song

Volume 2 Issue 12

frontline 12

Austerity and Resistance: After the ConDem election
Kevin McVey on the aftermath of the 2010 General Election

World Economy
Things can only get better? Raphie de Santos begs to differ

Make the cuts Cameron’s Poll Tax
Gregor Gall looks at building alliances between unions and service users to beat the cuts

A look at the media fuelled controversy around Mephedrone by Jack Ferguson

Climate Change and Population
Some environmentalists point to human population as a source of environmental degradation. Liam Young takes up the argument

Science, Money and Politics: Behind the Artificial Life Headlines
Neil Bennet explains the science and the politics behind the headlines

BP Oil Spill hits Louisiana Poor
The impact of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is investigated by campaigning journalist Jordan Flaherty

Radical Song
Bill Scott on Si Kahn’s ‘What You Do With What You’ve Got’

Volume 2 Issue 11

Frontline Volume 2 Issue 11

Editorial SNP Independence Strategy Failing


Who are the EDL?
Andy Bowden of Scottish Socialist Youth on the origins of the fascist English Defence League, and how to fight them.

Bill Bonnar on the bloody legacy of imperialism.

Copenhagen — World Leaders Fail the Planet
Liam Young on the aftermath of the Cop15 summit.

ALBA declaration on Copenhagen Summit

Pirates’ Manifesto
A look at the issues surrounding file sharing on the internet.

An interview with a participant in the struggle against the coup in Honduras.

Ireland Votes on the Lisbon Treaty
Ed Walsh reports on the background to the Irish vote accepting the EU Lisbon Treaty.

Death of Marek Edelman
Colin Turbett on the passing of the veteran of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Book Review
Finding Engels reviewed by Alex Miller.

Radical Song
Bill Scott looks at Hamish Henderson’s classic Freedom Come All Ye.

Volume 2 Issue 10

Frontline Volume 2 Issue 10


European Elections
Kevin Leetion looks at how Europe voted and what it means

The Illusion of the Green New Deal
Liam Young on the claims of Green capitalism and some real solutions already working around the globe.

Economic Crisis hits Financial Workers
Linda Somerville gives the view of those fighting to save jobs of ordinary workers in the finance sector.

Can Social Housing offer a solution?
After the devastation wrought by those who sought to create a ‘property owning democracy’ could Social Housing have a bigger future? Joe Crawford investigates.

Union Resistance to the Recession
Why are the unions not fighting back on a wider scale? Gregor Gall analyses their response to the economic crisis.

Iranian Workers Join the Struggle
A report on the part played by the organised working class in Iran’s democratic struggle.

Honduras - Washington’s Role in the Coup.

Book Review - Socialist Economics

Eyewitness to Cuba
Bill Bonnar reports on the recent SSP delegation to Cuba.

Scottish Gypsy Travellers, Human Rights and Socialism
Colin Turbett on the continuing struggle for human rights by Scottish Gypsy Travellers.

The Traveller Legacy in Scottish Song.
A look at traveller influence in Scottish song by Bill Scott.

Volume 2 Issue 9

Frontline Volume 2 issue 9 cover


The Engineering Construction Workers Strike.
Gregor Gall on the controversial strikes that hit sectors of British industry.

People Power in the Canongate.
Community activist Ally McAvoy on a community fightback in Edinburgh.

France: Crisis, Strikes and Anti-Capitalism
Virginia de la Siega is a member of the national political council and international committee of the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) in France. In this article she explains how the economic crisis has thrown up new struggles and new organisations.

Iceland in Revolt
Stuart Miller looks at one of the European countries which has been hardest hit by the economic collapse and how Icelanders are responding.

The Third Slump
Phil Hearse looks at the causes and consequences of the slump and how it will impact on politics.

With Gaza still trying to recover from the recent brutal Israeli attack Alex Miller reviews Ilan Pappe’s recent book The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.

With dissident Irish Republicans returning to the gun Ed Walsh from the Irish Socialist Network reviews a new book on Irish Republicanism since the Good Friday agreement.

Radical Song
Bill Scott talks about the story behind Dick Gaughan’s song ‘Thomas Muir of Huntershill’.

Volume 2 Issue 8

vol2 issue 8


Arc of Calamity. Scottish Politics and the Economic Crisis. Nick McKerrell looks at how the financial earthquake has caused tremors in Scottish politics.

The Credit Crunch: A Prelude to Capitalism’s Second Great Depression? With the collapse of banks and entire countries facing bankruptcy Raphie de Santos looks at just how bad the prospects are for capitalism.

Commanding Heights. Socialism and Nationalisation. The financial crisis has seen George Bush bailing out the banks and Gordon Brown’s government threaten to nationalise the entire banking sector. But the results are likely to be far from the vision of collective ownership put forward by socialists. Gregor Gall considers what socialist nationalisation would look like.

Manchester United? Pam Currie reports on the Convention of the Left that took place in Manchester in September.

A new anti-capitalist party in France : excitement, hope and obstacles.John Mullen reports from France on new developments on the left.

Sugar And Socialism — Cuba’s Economy. Brian Pollit on challenges for Cuba’s economy.

How Africa Won Freedom. More than fifty years have passed since the great wave of de-colonialisation in Africa. Bill Bonnar was part of the socialist left in Sudan for many years and in this article he looks at how the continent fought for freedom.

Biology and Ideology. The case against biological determinism. 2009 marks the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’. In this article Neil Bennet takes a look at current debates in the field.

Book Review. Blair Unbound reviewed by Alex Miller.

Radical Song. With the release of a new film about the liberation of the Stone of Destiny in the 1950’s Bill Scott looks at a radical song that commemorates that act.

Volume 2 Issue 7

vol 2 issue 8


Costing The Earth - The Challenge of Eco-Socialism. Liam Young on the environmental crisis and the ideas and actions that socialists will need.

Another World Is Not Possible.
Jasper Richardson of the Scottish Green Party and Democratic Left Scotland on the greening of socialism.

Global Financial Crisis Q & A.
Raphie de Santos gives the facts and figures about capitalism’s latest crisis.

Domestic Abuse Catriona Grant talks about what the toll of domestic murder and abuse means for our society.

Reefer Madness? Cannabis and Mental Health. Andrew Gray investigates the medical effects of cannabis and asks what it means for drugs policy.

Broad Church. In a reply to last issues article on atheism Robert Richard puts his view that socialists need to be tolerant towards religion.

U.S Elections. U.S Socialist Eric Chester on the forthcoming Presidential elections in the world’s most powerful state.

The Spectre of 1968. Murray Smith was a participant in the events of May 1968 in Paris. In this article he looks back at the lessons of those events.

Book Review. Alex Miller on a new biography of Soviet composer Shostakovich.

Radical Song Bill Scott continues his series on radical song with Scots Gaelic tune Soraidh Leis An Ait.

Volume 2 Issue 6

vol 2 issue 6 coverNew Labour in Crisis. John McAllion, former Labour MP and MSP on the crisis that New Labour finds itself in.

Left Regroupment Issues and Prospects. Gregor Gall examines Europe for lessons the left in Britain could learn.

Feminism and Marxism - An Unhappy Marrriage. Pam Currie takes a hard look at the sometimes troubled relationship.

Beyond Belief - A New Approach to Atheism. With interest in both atheism and religion on the rise, Nick McKerrell wonders if the left needs to change tack.

The Battle of Ideas - An Introduction to Popular Education. New methods of learning about a better society are in demand. Frances Curran introduces some new approaches.

Mersey Paradise? Danny McGowan with a personal look at the issues facing the English left from the viewpoint of the city of Liverpool.

Derry’s Bloody Sunday. Bill Bonnar on the events in 1972 that changed the course of history in Ireland.

Kosova declares Independence. Kosova declared independence on February 17, greeted by massive celebrations involving thousands of people. Michael Karadjis explains the processes taking place in the region.

The Life and Thought of the ‘Red Terror Doctor’ Alex Miller reviews Karl Marx: A Biography By David McLellan.

Radical Song Bill Scott continues his series on radical song with anti-nuclear ode Four Strong Women.

Volume 2 Issue 5

vol 2 issue 5 cover

Editorial - Northern Rock and a Hard Place

What happened to the Global Justice Movement?
Frances Curran looks at the state of the anti-war and global justice movements.

Migration and the Trade Unions.
Gregor Gall examines the impact of immigration on the trades-union movement.

Respect: Crisis or a New Opportunity?
Alan Thornett on the developing split between George Galloway and the SWP in Respect.

Blood in the South Atlantic
The Malvinas/Falklands War was 25 years ago. Bill Bonnar looks back at the causes of the conflict and the response of the left.

Venezuela: On The Road to Socialism?
Patrick O’Hare talks about the direction of the Chavez government in Venezuela and the popular movement which supports it.

Pakistan: Military Cracks Down
Farooq Tariq tells the story of his detention as part of the crack down on protest by the dictatorship.

We report on the crushing of Burma’s democratic uprising.

Ecuador: A Tremendous Advance
Hugo Blanco reports dramatic developments in Ecuador.

Alex Millar looks at Parenti’s ‘The Culture Struggle’.

Radical Song
In our regular series Bill Scott writes about Spanish Civil War song ‘Jarama’.

Volume 2 Issue 4

frontline vol 2 issue 4

Celtic Tigers? The SNP in government.
Nick McKerrell looks at the prospects for Scottish society and politics as the Scottish National Party take power for the first time in the Scottish Parliament.

After the Elections: Where Do We Go From Here?
The first of our special articles looking at the challenges facing the SSP following the Scottish elections sees Gregor Gall call for radical measures to rebuild a united left in Scotland.

After the Elections: Why the SSP is a party worth fighting for.
In the second of our special articles Scottish Socialist Party National Secretary Pam Currie responds to Gregor Gall and gives us her own vision of the future for socialism in Scotland.

Cameron Family Values
Catriona Grant on the Tories proposals on the family, and why socialists need to think more deeply on the question of children and the family.

Women and Globalisation
Eva Olaer is an activist who works with Philippine immigrant workers. In this article she looks at the impact of exporting domestic labour from the Philippines.

The French Elections
Murray Smith reports on the victory of the Right in France’s elections and what it will mean for French society and the French left.

The Crisis in Darfur and Chad
Bill Bonnar lived and worked in Darfur for almost three years up to 1989 and was a member of the Sudanese Communist Party which was then going through one of its brief periods of legality. He left the country following the military coup in 1989 when the Communist Party was banned.

Ireland: Right dominates ‘Dolly Mixture’ Election.
Gerry Corbett on Ireland’s General Election.

Songs of Struggle.
Bill Scott continues our series on radical song with a look at ‘Great White Sheep’ by Gordon Menzies.

Volume 2 Issue 3

Frontline Volume 2 issue 3


Scotland's Independence Election
Andrew Grey looks at what is at stake in the May elections to the Scottish Parliament.

Voluntary Sector Vices and Virtues - Are there any lessons from One Plus ?
Colin Turbett on the problems faced by the voluntary sector.

Adoption and Equality
The recent adoption bill in the Scottish Parliament caused controversy. Catriona Grant investigates.

Latin America's Alliance for Progress.
Brian Pollitt on the impact of the new wave of left wing governments in Latin America.

Republicanism, Loyalism and the State.
With Sinn Féin looking to enter government in the Irish Republic and new revelations about British state involvement with loyalist murders, Colm Breathnach looks at the shifting political situation in Ireland.

War and Peace in Mindanao.
Murray Smith reports on a recent visit to the island of Mindanao and looks at the history of the peoples fighting centuries of oppression.

The Spectre of 1917.
The anniversary of the Russian Revolution is marked by Bill Bonnar.

Second Life Struggle.
Plot Tracer aka Neil Scott on a new virtual frontier for the left.

Alex Miller reviews Isaac Deutscher's biographies of Trotsky.

Radical Song.
Bill Scott takes a lyrical look at an (old) firm favourite.

Volume 2 Issue 2

frontline vol 2 issue 2 cover


A Grassroots Road to Socialism Frances Curran MSP on building a democratic rank and file party.

Party crisis in retrospect and context Gregor Gall on the background to the SSP crisis.

Lessons Learned and Looking to the future Pam Currie interviews SSP policy coordinator Alan McCombes

The SSP, Democracy and Women. Carolyn Leckie MSP on what the party crisis has said about the socialist attitude towards women.

Lebanon Under the Hammer. Nick McKerrell on the issues surrounding Israel’s brutal invasion of Lebanon.

Occupation, Resistance and Civil War in Iraq. Lebanese socialist Gilbert Achcar on the situation in Iraq.

Salute the Heroes of the Republic. This year is the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War which remains a source of passion and controversy on the left. Bill Bonnar gives his view of this colossal struggle.

Obituary Alister Black remembers Ted Grant who died in July.

Review Alex Miller reviews ‘Marx’s Das Kapital: A Biography’ by Frances Wheen.

Socialist Song. Bill Scott on the origins of the Internationale

Volume 2 Issue 1

Frontline volume 2 issue 1 cover

Editorial. Socialism, Feminism and the Crisis in the SSP.

Pensions Struggle. Catriona Grant.

Crisis Counselling for the SSP. Bill Bonnar.

English Elections. Nick McKerrell

Abortion Rights in the USA. Pam Currie.

France - Victory over the CPE, What Now? Murray Smith.

USA - Immigrants On The March. Alister Black

Easter Rising 100 Years On. Bill Bonnar.

Debating Radical Scotland. Gregor Gall.

Radical Song - Bandierra Rosa. Bill Scott.

Art - JMW Turner, Painter of Light. Kenny McEwan.

Frontline Volume 1



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