frontline volume 2, issue 7 June 2008

Frontline June 08 Cover


Costing The Earth - The Challenge of Eco-Socialism. Liam Young on the environmental crisis and the ideas and actions that socialists will need.

Another World Is Not Possible.
Jasper Richardson of the Scottish Green Party and Democratic Left Scotland on the greening of socialism.

Global Financial Crisis Q & A.
Raphie de Santos gives the facts and figures about capitalism’s latest crisis.

Domestic Abuse Catriona Grant talks about what the toll of domestic murder and abuse means for our society.

Reefer Madness? Cannabis and Mental Health. Andrew Gray investigates the medical effects of cannabis and asks what it means for drugs policy.

Broad Church. In a reply to last issues article on atheism Robert Richard puts his view that socialists need to be tolerant towards religion.

U.S Elections. U.S Socialist Eric Chester on the forthcoming Presidential elections in the world’s most powerful state.

The Spectre of 1968. Murray Smith was a participant in the events of May 1968 in Paris. In this article he looks back at the lessons of those events.

Book Review. Alex Miller on a new biography of Soviet composer Shostakovich.

Radical Song Bill Scott continues his series on radical song with Scots Gaelic tune Soraidh Leis An Ait.