frontline issue 4


Frontline 4 cover

We present below the contents to Frontline 4 which will be available from Monday 22nd October 2001. Click on any link to view the article.

Editorial - Globalisation and War

New York and after.

Murray Smith looks at the September 11th attacks in the US and assesses the international impact.

The Future International

Roger Silverman takes up some of the points on internationalism raised in previous issues of Frontline.

Religious Sectarianism in Scotland.

Danny McGowan takes an in-depth look at the origins and history of religious sectarianism in Scotland.

Towards a Global Recession.

Jason Muir looks at the problems facing the economy before and after September 11th.

Scotland, Devolution and the National Question.

In the last issue of Frontline we included articles by Socialist Workers Platform supporters on their view of politics in Scotland. In this issue we present some feedback from Keef Tomkinson of the Frontline editorial board and Graham Cee, a socialist from London.


We reproduce a classic article by Leon Trotsky - The curve of capitalist development.


Breakfast After Noon by Andi Watson reviewed by Alister Black


Who is reading your email? Our regular look at the web focuses on the consequences for web users of the September 11th attacks.


'Spain Betrayed: the Soviet Union in the Spanish Civil War' reviewed by Mike Gonzalez.

ISM News

A report on the first annual conference of the ISM held in Glasgow in September 2001.