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Frontline issue 5 cover

Cover (above)
Women of the Labour Party Pakistan demonstrate against war and terrorism in Rawalpindi Pakistan. Photo by Alan McCombes

Frontline is the bi-monthly journal of the International Socialist Movement, A Marxist Platform in the Scottish Socialist Party.

Editor - Murray Smith
Layout and Production - Alister Black
Subscription and Distribution - Peter Johnstone
Contributors - Keef Tomkinson, Frances Curran, Kenny McEwan, Alan McCombes, Colin Fox, Alister Black, Greg Harris, David Archibald
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Printed by Clydeside Press, Glasgow

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We welcome submissions of articles and letters to Frontline.
Articles and letters for Frontline 6 should be sent in by January 30th 2002
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Frontline is sold in the following bookshops:
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Glasgow - Barrett's Newsagents, 263 Byres Road
London - Bookmarks, 1, Bloomsbury Street, WC1.
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War in Afghanistan

Socialists in Afghanistan and Pakistan speak.
Scottish Socialist Voice editor Alan McCombes travelled to Pakistan, here he gives reports on his visit and the tasks facing socialists in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

A report on the activities of the Social and Political Front (FSP) who organise in the urban areas of Colombia.

Zionism and anti-semitism
Henry Maitles looks at the origins and development of the Zionist movement and in particular the crucial question of the relationship between Zionism and anti-Semitism.

Northern Ireland's Long Good Friday
As the peace process lurches in and out of crisis, we take a look at the latest developments.

The Internet - Capitalism's Extraordinary Mistake.
Greg Harris looks at the origins and the impact of the internet.

September 11th and Islamic fundamentalism
A reader from New York debates the article on the September attacks from Frontline 4.

In light of the current anti-war campaign we look at John MacLeans' campaign of opposition to World War One.

Goustave Courbet
Kenny McEwan examines the life of the pioneering French socialist, revolutionary and painter.

Time For A People's Festival
Colin Fox looks at the Edinburgh People's Festival, forerunner of the Edinburgh Festival, and argues that there are lessons we can learn from it in order to reclaim the Edinburgh Festival from the 'Edinbourgeoisie'.

Our regular look at the internet looks at the failures of the market to deliver broadband internet access.

Back Page Two poems from Scottish poets Aeonghas Macnieacoil and Jim Aitken.