frontline vol. 2 issue 3.

frontline cover

Cover Photo by Eddie Truman.


Scotland's Independence Election
Andrew Grey looks at what is at stake in the May elections to the Scottish Parliament.

Voluntary Sector Vices and Virtues - Are there any lessons from One Plus ?
Colin Turbett on the problems faced by the voluntary sector.

Adoption and Equality
The recent adoption bill in the Scottish Parliament caused controversy. Catriona Grant investigates.

Latin America's Alliance for Progress.
Brian Pollitt on the impact of the new wave of left wing governments in Latin America.

Republicanism, Loyalism and the State.
With Sinn Féin looking to enter government in the Irish Republic and new revelations about British state involvement with loyalist murders, Colm Breathnach looks at the shifting political situation in Ireland.

War and Peace in Mindanao.
Murray Smith reports on a recent visit to the island of Mindanao and looks at the history of the peoples fighting centuries of oppression.

The Spectre of 1917.
The anniversary of the Russian Revolution is marked by Bill Bonnar.

Second Life Struggle.
Plot Tracer aka Neil Scott on a new virtual frontier for the left.

Alex Miller reviews Isaac Deutscher's biographies of Trotsky.

Radical Song.
Bill Scott takes a lyrical look at an (old) firm favourite.