frontline 11

Frontline 11 cover


Editorial - Welcome to the Occupation.

Independence Convention and Socialist Strategy Duncan Rowan looks at the debate in the SSP on the independence convention.

Trade Unions in Britain: challenges and prospects Gregor Gall assesses the state of the unions today.

What is a 'Trot' anyway? Nick McKerrill answers the question.

The National Question in Western Europe Murray Smith

Bolivia Rises George Saunders (Reproduced from US journal Labor Standard)

The dynamics of the Venezuelan revolution Stuart Munckton continues the debate on Venezuela.

Sergei Eisenstein SSP Co-Chair Catriona Grant on the great Soviet film-maker.

William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement Kenny McEwan takes his regular look at the arts from a socialist perspective.

dot.communism Alister Black checks out what is happening in cyberspace.