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frontline vol 2 issue 8

The economy is the issue that dominates political discourse around the world. As the credit crunch triggers world economic crisis this issue of Frontline focuses on this issue. What caused the crisis? What impact will it have on Scottish and world politics and what should socialists be calling for? We also look at left politics in Britain and France plus features on science and culture.


Arc of Calamity. Scottish Politics and the Economic Crisis. Nick McKerrell looks at how the financial earthquake has caused tremors in Scottish politics.

The Credit Crunch: A Prelude to Capitalism’s Second Great Depression? With the collapse of banks and entire countries facing bankruptcy Raphie de Santos looks at just how bad the prospects are for capitalism.

Commanding Heights. Socialism and Nationalisation. The financial crisis has seen George Bush bailing out the banks and Gordon Brown’s government threaten to nationalise the entire banking sector. But the results are likely to be far from the vision of collective ownership put forward by socialists. Gregor Gall considers what socialist nationalisation would look like.

Manchester United? Pam Currie reports on the Convention of the Left that took place in Manchester in September.

A new anti-capitalist party in France : excitement, hope and obstacles.John Mullen reports from France on new developments on the left.

Sugar And Socialism — Cuba’s Economy. Brian Pollit on challenges for Cuba’s economy.

How Africa Won Freedom. More than fifty years have passed since the great wave of de-colonialisation in Africa. Bill Bonnar was part of the socialist left in Sudan for many years and in this article he looks at how the continent fought for freedom.

Biology and Ideology. The case against biological determinism. 2009 marks the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’. In this article Neil Bennet takes a look at current debates in the field.

Book Review. Blair Unbound reviewed by Alex Miller.

Radical Song. With the release of a new film about the liberation of the Stone of Destiny in the 1950’s Bill Scott looks at a radical song that commemorates that act.