frontline 19.

Frontline 19 cover thumbnail Editorial - Why is Scotland Sick?

Interview with Colin Fox MSP. Frontline speaks to Colin Fox, about his first year as national convener of the SSP.

Racism, Islamophobia and Scotland's Crisis of National Identity In the first of two articles in this issue of Frontline looking at Gordon Brown’s proposals for a ‘national day’ Graham Campbell looks at the questions raised about national identity and multiculturalism. Graham lives in Glasgow’s Sighthill and is an activist in the SSP Black and Asian Network.

Flag Day Andrew Rossetter continues our look at Gordon Brown’s announcement with his own views on class and national identity.

RMT Conference Roger Silverman looks at the recent RMT conference on the alternatives facing the left .

SSP Conference 2006 Preview. Jim McVicar, national organiser of the ISM, rounds up the motions coming up to this years SSP conference and highlights a few interesting debates. (This article was in the print edition of Frontline which was available before the SSP conference.)

France: Shock waves of a popular revolt Murray Smith on the uprising of marginalised French youth.

Interview with Evo Morales. Link to International Viewpoint website

International Women's Day Anthea Irwin takes a look at International Womens Day, then and now.

Helen Keller Helen Keller is well known as a courageous and pioneering deaf/blind woman. What is less well known is that she was a revolutionary socialist. She joined the US Socialist Party in 1909, later quitting it for the IWW when she thought it too reformist. She was an opponent of war and a supporter of universal suffrage, which she argues for in this article.

Bread and Roses Bill Scott continues our series on radical songs.

Dean Reed - Red Elvis. Neil Scott looks at a socialist musician who is little known in his homeland of the USA but remains a star from South America to Eastern Europe.