frontline 18.

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The world has thrown up new challenges for the leaders of imperialism. Climate change, resistance in Iraq, confronting civil liberties. These also present challenges to the left and in this issue we look at developing the Scottish part of the world movement against racism and war and the system that produces it. In Frontline 18 we focus on the recent visit of the G8 and the lessons to be learned from that movement.

An Ill Wind for George Bush.

The SSP, Islamaphobia and the Asian Communities.
Graham Campbell, an activist in the SSP Black and Asian Network, looks at the situation facing Muslim communities in Scotland in the wake of the Iraq war, the London bombings and the subsequent attacks on civil liberties.

The Mafioso of the world get away with it - thanks to Bob, Bono and the Beeb
Steve Arnott looks back at the visit of the G8 to Scotland, what it agreed and who was providing alternatives.

The SSP and the anti-capitalist movement
Donnie Nicholson of Scottish Socialist Youth on the lessons of the G8 protests and where we go from here.

Dissenting Against the G8
Mhairi McAlpine from Falkirk SSP planned her summer holidays around the G8 summit this year. She ended up spending a week in the Dissent camp in Stirling. It turned out to be a very memorable week.

Trade union activism in Britain: crisis in capacity and ideology
Professor Gregor Gall, of Edinburgh North and Leith SSP and Professor of Industrial Relations, University of Hertfordshire looks at the current state of trade union activism in Britain.

New Orleans. Poverty , Racism and the Hurricane.
Jordan Flaherty is an editor of Left Turn, a left-wing anti-capitalist journal in the United States. In the following articles he describes what happened in his home town of New Orleans when hurricane Katrina struck, the bitter legacy of racism and poverty that led to the deaths of hundreds, maybe thousands, and the battles that lie ahead for justice

Venezuela - move to form new party
Stuart Piper reports from Venezuela on a significant new development whcih follows on from Hugo Chavez’ declaration calling for socialism in Venezuela.

Obituary Pierre Broué 1926-2005
Murray Smith looks back on a revolutionary life.

Songs of Struggle
In an ongoing series Bill Scott looks at the background to the writing of some of the movement’s most cherished songs - how they came to be written; their context and subsequent history. He begins with Robert Burns ‘A Man’s A Man’.

Jackson Pollock and Abstract Expressionism.
In our regular look at art, Kenny McEwan looks at the work of one of the most original painters of the Twentieth Century – Jackson Pollock.