frontline 17.

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From La Paz to Gleneagles.

SSP’s General Election Warning
The SSP had a disappointing result in the May 2005 General Election. Andrew Grey of Kelvin SSP analyses the result and what it means for the party.

Respect’s Big Opportunity
Andrew Newman a member of Respect and contributor to the Socialist Unity Network website looks at the victory notched up by George Galloway and Respect in the May elections and tries to chart the way forward for the organisation.

Bled Dry. Prescription Charges and NHS Privatisation.
Corporate globalisation has brought the ideology of capitalism into every part of our lives. Gary Fraser from Edinburgh East and Musselburgh SSP looks at how it has driven privatisation in the NHS.

Capitalism’s Agenda for Poverty in Africa
Bill Bonnar exposes the truth behind the G8 leaders claims that they are fighting poverty in Africa. He looks at their agenda privatisation, arms-dealing and poverty and offers a socialist alternative.

EU Constitution Vote - A Victory for European Workers.
The votes by French and Dutch voters to reject the EU constitution have shaken the establishment in Brussels and all across Europe. We bring you two reports on the campaigns and what they mean.
The first is from John Mullen in Paris who is an activist in the LCR and editor of the journal Socialisme Internationale.
The second comes from Willem Bos, President of the Grondweet Nee group who campaigned for a left-wing ‘No’ vote.

Owen Logan from Edinburgh Central SSP has a timely review of George Monbiot’s book ‘The Age of Consent – A Manifesto for a New World Order (2003)’

The Revolutionary Beethoven
Beethoven is the focus of a major retrospective at the moment. But how many of us know the politics behind the complex genius of Beethoven? Steve Arnott, convenor of the SSP in the Highlands and Islands tells his story.

Jacques-Louis David. The Robespierre of the Brush.
Kenny McEwan looks at an artist whose life and work was caught up in revolution.