frontline 16.


Frontline 16 cover

Moving Forward

Marxism and the SSP in 2005
Nick McKerrell of the ISM looks at where the SSP came from and asks what strategy we need to adopt now.

SSP at the Crossroads
The Republican Communist Network give their view on the debate on the way forward for the party.

Carrying Forward Socialist Politics in Scotland
Gerry Cairns of the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement platform in the SSP speaks out on the future for the SSP.

From Anti-Capitalism to Socialism
Jack Ferguson gives a personal view on the need for the party to develop its vision of socialism.

SSP Democracy and Efficacy
Gregor Gall examines the underlying questions that the SSP and its platforms need to address.

Reaching Beyond the Fragments: women and a new Marxist platform
Pam Currie with a Marxist feminist analysis of the issues facing the party.

The Crisis of Irish Republicanism
Colm Breathnach on the future for Sinn Fein

Socialists and Islam
Annie Besant looks again at the controversial question of socialism and islam.

Appropriating Gramsci
James Higney assesses the influence of the great Italian Marxist.

Kenny McEwan looks at the work of Andre Breton and the Surrealists