frontline 15.


Thinking globally and acting locally have always been watchwords for the SSP. In this issue of Frontline we look at the impact of globalisation on the Scottish economy. We also focus on the new leadership of the SNP and the dilemma facing trade unions in their relations with New Labour. Plus we return to the debate around Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian revolution.

The consequences of George W. Bush's re-election as US President.

SNP - From Crisis to Where?
Keef Tomkinson looks at the prospects for the SNP after the return of Alex Salmond, and what it means for the SSP.

Scotland and Globalisation.
The financial sector is now the key area of the Scottish economy. In this article Linda Somerville looks at the effect on this sector of globalisation and what that means for the labour movement.

Education for Liberation - The ideas of Paolo Freire
The SSP has been actively seeking new ideas on education. Gary Fraser explains the ideas of this radical Brazilian educationalist

Trade Unions and the Labour Party - Making Up or Breaking Up?
Gregor Gall on the tensions between New Labour and the Trade Unions.

Challenges facing Chavez
An interview with veteran Latin American revolutionary Ricardo Napuri, focusing on the challenges facing Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution.

David Mandel’s ‘Labour After Communism reviewed by John Riddell

Troubled Past - The Ulster Scots
The concluding part of Chris Guthrie’s series.

The Socialism of Oscar Wilde
Kenny McEwan marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of the great writer with a look at his socialist beliefs.