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Editorial The End of New Labour?

European Elections Nick McKerrell looks at the results of June 2004's European Elections.

Right-wing England - the social and political basis of UKIP. Phil Hearse on the rise of UKIP

The Scottish Nursery Nurses’ Strike Gregor Gall on this significant strike.

Iraq’s Year of Blood An interview with lebanese socialist Gilbert Achcar

Class and the nation – A Québécois perspective Marc Bonhomme on the national question in Quebec.

Troubled Past - The Ulster Scots. Chris Guthrie with the first part of two articles examining aspects of Scotland and Ireland's shared history.

Review. Gerry McGarvey reviews Beyond Social Inclusion : Towards Cultural Democracy a pamphlet from the Cultural Policy Collective

The Macdonald Sisters and The Glasgow Girls Kenny McEwan on an important group of Scottish women artists.

dot.communism. Kevin Leetion looks at trade union websites.

Poem. Giro Day by Cecilia Grainger