frontline 13

frontline 13 cover

Editorial - Iraq, Turning the tables on imperialism.

Strategy for the SSP - Duncan Rowan and Steve Arnott look at the future for the SSP.

The Unionisation of Sex Workers - Gregor Gall revisits the debate on prostitution, sex work and sexual exploitation.

Respect - We present two articles looking at the prospects for Respect and the way forward for the left in England.

The significance of Respect - by Alan Thornett a member of the Respect Executive and a supporter of Socialist Resistance.

Respect – an opportunity and a challenge for the left in England - By Murray Smith. This is the full version of the article with appears in an edited form in the print edition of Frontline.

Californian Grocery Workers Strike - US Trade-Unionist Andrew Pollack examines the lessons of the strike and looks at where the US labour movement goes next. "Victorious" Union leader quits

"War Without Guns" The Miners' Strike 1984-85 - Jock Penman looks back at the epic struggle of the miners.

Euskadi - An Unfinished Nation. Jose Ramon Castaños on the national question in the Basque Country.

dot.communism. Donnie Nicholson looks at what is on the web for a young activist - both good and bad.