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The International Socialist was the previous journal produced by the ISM. It carried articles on a variety of topics - Developments in World and Scottish politics, historical material and features on the ideas of Marxism. We carry articles from all the issues below.

Issue 1 Spring 1999

Issue 2 Summer 1999

Issue 3 Autumn 1999

Issue 4 Winter 1999/2000

Issue 5 Spring 2000

Issue 6 Autumn 2000

Issue 6

Editorial Philip Stott
Towards an International Socialist Alliance Murray Smith, international convener of the SSP, for the ISM political committee.
International Socialist Alliances, Minority Reply Harvey Duke debates this question.
Socialists Oppose Housing Stock Transfer
Ralph Nader - A Green In The White House? Frances Curran
Our Scots Noble Bampots
Latin America Report on the upsurge of struggle in Latin America.
Leon Trotsky Nicky McKerrill on the 60th anniversary of Trotskys assassination.

Issue 5.

Scrap Section 28 Editorial
Scottish Socialists on the March Frances Curran, National Convener of CWI Scotland.
A Womans Right To Choose Catriona Grant
Seattle 1999 - Capitalism on the Run Jason Muir
Russia - Problems Mounting for Putin Rob Jones in Moscow
Northern Ireland Assembly Crisis Peter Hadden in Belfast
Tuition Fees Philip Stott
Marxist Dialectics Mark Scott
Rosa Luxemburg Remembered Catriona Grant

Not so hot off the presses

Issue 4

International Socialist issue 4 for Winter 1999
International Socialist 4 cover

Tensions Surface in the SNP
Tuition Fees - Hanging by a Thread
Building Non-Payment in England and Wales
East Timor's Tragedy
What Can the UN Achieve?
World Socialism in the New Millenium
Austrian Elections
The Philosophy of Marxism
CWI Round Up

Issue 3

Scotland at a turning point
Scotland after the Scottish Parliamentary elections.
Northern Ireland and the 'peace process'.

Issue 2

John Maclean by Tommy Sheridan

Issue 1

1919 Uprising in Glasgow.